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Keeping the Reps Rolling—Lakewind Transportation

Lakewind Transportation is a logistics firm that connects companies with shipping needs to the trucking resources that can meet those needs.

Lakewind’s business is built largely on personal relationships, and face-to-face presentations by sales representatives are centrally important to marketing. The firm realized, however, that it needed a printed piece to support its reps’ verbal presentations and to serve as a leave-behind summary.

Based on an understanding of the dynamics of a live sales presentation, Wes Laing & Associates produced a colourful folder that captures the dynamic ethos of the company, provides step-by-step visual support for the sales rep, and fulfills the leave-behind role.

Internet Folder
Internet Advertising Page

Selling the Net—TeleDirect

TeleDirect publishes the Yellow Pages Directories across much of Canada and also offers its customers a variety of internet advertising services.

To introduce some of the latter services, the company chose Wes Laing & Associates to design a introductory folder and sell sheets for use by their sales force as both a presentation tool and a leave-behind. The challenge was to make the piece work equally well in both settings—and to use lots of yellow!

The resulting publication has been enthusiastically received by sales personnel and customers alike.

Ad Design Book Ad Design Book Page

A Value-Added Tool—Bell ActiMedia (TeleDirect)

TeleDirect is publisher of the Yellow Pages Directories for much of Canada. As a way to add value to their advertising service, the company wanted to produce a tool to help their customers in the creation of their Yellow Pages ads.

Wes Laing & Associates was chosen to design the 36-page guide, which has been enthusiastically received—and used—by TeleDirect customers across the country.

Fairweather Flyer Fairweather Decal
Fairweather Card

Looking for Loyalty—Merchant Retail Services Limited

Merchant Retail Services Limited provides a range of services to retailers, focused primarily on loyalty programs.

When clothing retail giant Dylex asked for a presentation, MRSL turned to Wes Laing & Associates for a full-spectrum design presentation including loyalty cards, mailers and in-store support. We responded with a range of concepts for the presentation, including copy as well as graphic design.

The presentation put Merchant Retail Services on the short list for providing loyalty program services to the Dylex-owned Fairweather chain.

Birks Box Card

Thinking Outside the (Blue) Box—
Merchant Retail Services Limited

Merchant Retail Services Limited provides a range of services to retailers, focused primarily on loyalty programs.

When the company was offered the opportunity to make presentation of its capabilities to Birks of Canada, they chose Wes Laing & Associates to provide creative concept and design services.

Birks was asking for a look that would help it break into a younger market, and in response to this request, we created a series of graphically-strong loyalty card concepts representing a range of approaches, each one backed by a distinct creative and marketing rationale—and each one with a touch of Birks blue.

Birks Kids Card
Birks Eye Card

The Sharing Way Harvest Poster

Refreshingly Different—The Sharing Way

The Sharing Way is a church-based aid organization that works in relief and development in the Third World.

Needing a fresh approach to their annual fundraising campaign, they asked Wes Laing & Associates to develop a package that would communicate the need for agricultural development while at the same time celebrating the abilities and initiative of the poor, and avoiding the “downer” stereotypes of life in the developing world.

In response, we created materials (a poster, leaflet, place mat and coin box) that challenged donors to help farmers dig wells and plant trees that would provide harvests in the long-term. Interesting facts and recipes from around the world provided the “seasoning.”

The campaign that was so popular that it was extended for an additional year.

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